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All ranking/seeding

Seeding will be based on the latest IWWF weekly ranking list

1st round

Running order:  Based on ranking, best goes last

2nd round

Running order:  Reverse order from first round result and ties seeded as per ranking


Women:  Top 5

Men:  Top 8

Based on single best result from the 2 rounds

In case of a tie for last spot, back-up score will count

If tie persists, all skiers tied for last place will enter the final


Tie for first place will be broken by a single pass run-off

Ties for all other places will be broken by back-up scores and if perfect ties persist then no run-offs will take place and placement and cash will be equally shared otherwise IWWF rules apply

Rope Release

Rope Release will be measured on the starting dock prior to skier's turn

In case of a Fall

In case of a fall on first pass, boat will quickly pick up the skier and drop at the end of the lake for equipment change.

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